The First Rose

When I was in high school I never really gave much thought to what would happen once I graduated. The thought that one day I would wake up and high school would be over was too much for me to handle. I never really truly applied to colleges, but I watched and listened as one by one my friends were excepted into the best of colleges in Florida. It did’t become real to me until one day a letter arrived for my girlfriend, and just like that she was going to be attending a university over 200 miles away from me. And just like that all the days seemed to pass faster than before. One month fell into another until I had been alone for more than two months.

The real problem was that I had never planned to live past graduation. But if I was going to be completely honest, I never expected to make it past junior year. My life had bee nothing but a downward spiral for years until I met her. She was the sunrise I had been waiting for without even knowing it. She showed me what life was, and how to live, and most importantly how to be happy.

So one year after I stayed behind to work and save up I decided to move closer to her and get my AA. Can you imagine what it felt like knowing that one day you were going to be gone, and then the next day trying to plan an entire year out to make a future for yourself? Neither could I. But one more year after that I graduated from a community college and became a full time student at the university of central Florida. Of course there were many ups and downs to that two year gap, and I will most definitely fill you in later, but now remember one thing.

Right before I received my AA my girlfriend took me on a date to a rose garden, and she asked me a question I still ask myself everyday. “are you happy?” And the answer may change slightly from day to day events, but as of  right now, yes. Yes I really am.

Much love C.S Mann



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