Connections are connections

The first time I stepped foot on a longboard there was not a special connection. There was no inner spark that ignited when I took my first  step off of my board into oncoming traffic either. The first couple of times, almost every time I would fall straight over, or move a couple of inches and crash into something or someone. It seemed as though I was meant to stay on the ground, with both feet so buried way there was nothing to do but smash into it.

One of my best friends from home had moved with me to Orlando where we both were trying to receive our AAs to later, hopefully get into UCF. But the main problem was I wasn’t having any fun, I was working almost every day and taking five classes on line to make sure I could work as much as possible. A stress reliever is what she called it, I was in need of a stress reliever. I was already struggling with anxiety levels through the roof. Like many other college students the only way to remove this amount of stress was to do something reckless and dangerous in order to relax myself.

So i keep trying to learn how to long board with my friend to hopefully one day enjoy whipping through campus like her. And one day I did. I stepped on my board, and I felt as though I would never fall off again. I could feel the time slipping through my fingers as the wind caught my hair. I could ride miles away from problems and never look back. Well at least for a couple of hours a day.

When I look back at college I am sure that I will always remember late night riding with my best friend. I’ll always remember feeling free and as infinite as the night sky above littered with dim stars. I’ll remember the day I gave up riding, the day my best friend moved away, and the day I did fall off again.


Much Love C.S.Mann long


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