So where am I to begin?

UCF_Seal.svg.pngSo where am I to begin with this unsightly tale? Iv’e already told you of how I barely managed to squeeze into college, and despite my destructive ways I succeeded in gaining a loving girlfriend. But how should start, with the good or bad, or should I just tell you in vaguely messed up stories that include some type of moral story? How about I just dive in.

When I was planning on moving out of my house I knew that I was going to need money, almost $6,000 to be exact. In the beginning I was searching for a job after job that I thought a high school diploma could accomplish, and yet I came up empty handed for weeks.  But about three months after I graduated I was about to get a job waiting tables at Panera. This was not exactly how I wanted my first year out of high school to go, so I dove into work, working overtime almost every week. I was taking some classes at the local community classes, but only half heartedly. But the day that I looked at my bank account and saw that I had over $7,000 was a great day. The following day I made the arrangements to move, 214 miles away.

I say this now after explaining to you that I know the value of money and what some have to do in the world just to get by. A couple of weeks after I arrived at school I became a bartsia at a Starbuck on campus. This job, I will say was one of the greatest things that has come out of college for me. My coworkers became more like family everyday, each as different and unique as the freckles on a sunburnt face.

Fast forward a couple months and I had blow tons of money on junk food, and countless other stupid things that seem important to college student at that exact moment. But hey, I had finally did it. I moved out, enrolled in school, and even job a job right on campus. You could almost say everything was going perfectly. But at last if everything had gone perfectly, you wouldn’t be reading this, and I wouldn’t be wondering where I had gone wrong.


Much Love C.S. Mann


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