I suppose I began writing this blog to tell a love story, or to speak about how wonderful college is, but if you read this blog then you should know better.

For a while it felt as though nothing was going right in my life. I was making a lot of poor decisions, as well as befriending a lot of people that were aiding in my awful decisions. But then I realized something today, as I sat in a coffee shop with a new friend. My problem was loyalty. I feel as though this generation has begun to feel so self entitled that they never see when they do something wrong, and there for never apologize for anything.

How hard is it to be there for a friend when they need you? How hard is it to try to understand where that person is coming from especially if you call each other friends? This shouldn’t even be a question. If you love someone you should be loyal to them.

And I know that at this moment I am calling the kettle black, because I have been disloyal at times, but I still understand how to fix it. When you have done something wrong, such as betraying a friend or a lover the first thing you should do is confide in that person, and ask for forgiveness.

That person doesn’t have to forgive you, but this process should still begin after you have broken the trust. But no, thats not what I have been dealing with. I decided that after being lied to, used, and being treated as though I had no idea what was happening around me, that I am done.

I will no longer sit and listen to bitchying, and crying about drama I have no idea about. I will no longer be “loaning” money out, driving people home, cooking anyone dinner, nothing. The one person that I trust right now is my family, and my girlfriend, and if anyone wants to join that tight circle they are going to need to prove to me that they are worth it.

I guess the lesson I’m trying to teach is that you shouldn’t let people run all over you just because you’re afraid of losing friends. Because I see now that it is better to have no friends, then friends who care zero percent about you.

Much Love,

CSM loyalty2


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